Cavenham Parish is currently known as a "small settlement" whose settlement boundaries are to be removed.  The parish will then fall under the category of "Countryside".

When a planning application is submitted to Forest Heath District Council, the Parish Meeting is routinely consulted. Planning applications are discussed at regular meetings, or at a planning meeting.

Meetings are advertised on the Parish notice board outside Village Club, by the bus shelter and on the Parish's website and/or by email.

If the Meeting considers that an application will have an impact on neighbouring properties, it will notify the applicant and neighbours about the meeting and invite them along to discuss the application. This gives officers an opportunity to find out more about the application and how neighbouring residents feel about it. The Council will then decide on its response.

If you ever have any queries about planning applications, feel free to contact the Parish Meeting Secretary at cavenhampc@gmail.com

If enough people register an interest in any planning application the Planning Sub-Committee will set up an informal meeting in the Cavenham Club to discuss it.

Please contact Andrew Jarratt, afjarratt@gmail.com or tel. 01638 551238

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